How to Retire at 33 (English Subs+Transcription)

I met Ilya in March 2014, when he came to me for an interview. At that moment, I was living in San Francisco. A couple of weeks before that, VentureBeat had just written about his company. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to watch our first interview with Ilya Simon. It’s fascinating how the person has changed since then.

We stayed in touch and met several times after that. After the sale of his company Datanyze in 2018, Ilya and his family moved to the suburb of San Diego, Carlsbad, which I was extremely happy about.

The video was recorded at the end of 2019 at Ilya at the cottage in Big Bear Lake, which they bought a few months before and invited us to visit. At the same time, we decided to record this interview as a continuation of his history.

In 2012, Ilya founded his startup Datanyze, which he successfully sold in 2018 and retired when he was 33 years old.

If you seriously want to learn Russian – you can watch it with both English and Russian subtitles. Just search for “two captions for youtube” solutions.

Read the whole interview’s transcript below (Russian version is here):

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